Privacy Policy

In a world where data is big business and the disreputable have been squeezing every drop of information via overkill cookies and auto subscribe, I can see the purpose of EU cookies law and GDPR. This is an honest approach to privacy which covers what information I collect, how I use the information you provide as well as outlining any cookies set via my website.

Data Privacy and Security

Data Collected

In short, not a lot, the only “personal” thing collected (but not stored) whilst you visit my website is your ip address which is used for 2 reasons; to report to me if you’re snooping around in places you shouldn’t and to send to Google Analytics which is an analytical and reporting tool from Google which lets me see anonymous data such as how visitors interact with my website, return visits vs new visits, traffic volume and other interesting things which help me improve my website. When the ip is sent to Google Analytics it is anonymized by setting the last octet to zero, essentially masking your real IP before processing.

Data Provided

This is information you provide when you get in contact with me via any method; telephone, email, enquiry, carrier pigeon, flag semaphore etc. Any information provided this way is given willingly, lets all assume you would like a reply and is considered legitimate interest. I have no interest in using your details for anything else, I've no mailing list or time to make annoying calls, I simply need it to carry out day-to-day communication.

Data Security

Always an important point to cover. My website is UK hosted with an SSL Certificate, this encrypts the data sent to and from the website, you can see the groovy https url with a padlock. Locally my computer is tight, running regular security and malware scans. Data held here is pretty safe, bar an 8 foot meat head barging in it’s all good.


Ah cookies, sadly we’re not talking about the sweet home baked sort, instead those little digital files which got the EU all worked up. There are two types of cookie, session cookies which are temporary and expire when the session ends and persistent cookies which remain even after the browser has closed, and I’ve a little of both going on. Below I’ve outlined the cookies set by this website, each defining their name, purpose and when they will expire from last interaction.

Cookie Details Expires
DYNSRV This is used for load balancing between servers which improves performance. Session
PHPSESSID This is used to remember your preferences and actions between pages. Session
CookieNotice This is set when you accept the cookie notice which will hide the annoying cookie notification bar for future visits. 28 Days
_ga Used by Google Analytics for distinguishing users. 2 Years
_gid Used by Google for distinguishing users. 1 Day
_gat Used by Google to throttle request rate. 1 Min